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Tiff, body piercer

Ive been piercing since 2006 when after deciding i wanted my lip pierced and seeing how it was done found myself instantly hooked on body adorning and sought out an apprenticeship in a local enfield studio, from there i went on to work in portobello road, essex and Hertfordshire learning from experienced piercers and gaining knowledge in placement, jewellery materials and anatomy as i went along.

Ive always been passionate about hygiene, suitability and producing safe 

And beautiful piercings. If i believe a piercing is unsafe for your specific anatomy,i will eplain the reasons behind why i wont follow through with that particular piercing and offer alternatives.

A piercing experience should be a positive one so if your having anxiety please talk to me so i can run you through watever you need to know and if youre not ready i will be happy to rebook you.

I believe your piercing experience doesnt end when you leave the studio either,I will provide you with written aftercare advice to take home plus future guidance and help with online or in the studio. we sell a range of jewellery and aftercare for healing or healed piercings and if you dont find what you want, we will happily order it in for you with a small deposit and fit them for free !

If your having trouble fitting jewellery not purchased from us i will fit it for a fee of £5 but all advice and help is free.Unfortunately, we do not offer male genital piercings or fittings but are happy to recommend an alternative studio for you. If you would like to make an appointment or ask for advice, please contact us by the following:

STUDIO:01992 910323

WHATSAPP:07986 706202

INSTA:@twistedpiercing @ink.industry_

FB:Twisted professional body piercing

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